Mother nature showed off BIG TIME during Heather & Haydens bridal session at the Salt Flats in West Wendover. My favorite tone when editing images lately has been blue and there is definitely no shortage of it throughout this gallery, it makes my heart so happy!!

I’ve shot at the salt flats a few times before but this was the first time I’ve been out there where there were water puddles scattered all over. It made for a super sick vibe and made the photos that much more fun. When you arrive there’s a huge parking lot that stands between the freeway and the actual flats and over on the left of the lot theres a spot where you can drive up onto the dirt & then keep going for miles onto the salt! There’s a ton of signs that say “no trespassing” but I think everybody has made a not-so-legal executive decision that they can’t write us all up, I mean right? Either way hahah there’s always a ton of cars and people out there no matter what time of day you go so I’m not sure why those signs are even up anymore.

We started out at the start of the flats for their first look where they shared a special moment just taking it all in. Then we hopped in their car and sped (quite literally, Hayden didn’t hold back when it came to living his very own speed racer moment on the famous Salt Flats hahah) towards the mountain where we could get to a spot with no people/cars/distractions in the background. We found a perfect little spot with a huge puddle & a salt wall on either side of it, creating a little barrier. The two of them ran around the salt while I stayed calf deep in the water for the majority of the time, getting alllll of the angles hahah. I got the drone out for a few shots and then we made our way back to the parking lot to rinse our feet of the salt remnants. Forewarning that if you shoot at the flats, plan to take your car to the carwash right after because it’ll be COVERED in salt from head to toe. My floor mats went from black carpet to white carpet real quick hahah.

If you’re ready to get some creative shots of you & your lover at the salt flats (or anywhere for that matter!), visit me on my website & shoot me an inquiry! I’d be so stoked about it. Also, to view more colorful galleries like this one, follow me on instagram!


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