Kawela Bay Engagement Session

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Keeli & Alex got engaged on the beautiful island of Oahu & I was so glad that I got to be there to document it. Alex proposed the day before this session at Kawela Bay so all of the “freshly engaged” jitters made this session that much more special. These two rocked it in front of the camera.

If you’ve taken even one glance at my instagram, you know that my work thriiiives in colorful scenarios, especially with mother nature’s impeccable greens & blues! So it goes without saying that this location had my heart practically beating outside of my chest hahah. We explored around this location, shooting with the green vegetation & then just a couple yards away was the beach & ocean blues so we took advantage of all that this spot had to offer! SO much variety!

ALSO an honorable mention is that a ton of movies were shot here at Kawela/Turtle Bay, but most importantly- Hunger Games Catching Fire. I’m a sucker for a good dystopian movie & being on this beach had me fan-girling a bit.

This pretty morning was a dream & I’m already manifesting another session here soon!

If you’re hoping for the best lighting at Kawela Bay, I’d suggest starting at sunrise! You can watch the sun come up on the horizon from the beach & then as the morning progresses, the sun peeks through the trees perfectly, giving that dreamy soft light & the occasional sun flare. Another bonus to shooting here at sunrise is that you miss the crowd! It tends to get busy here, especially during the summer & peak tourism season. This session took place during spring break (March), AKA one of Oahu’s busiest times of the year, but throughout this entire session there wasn’t a single soul around us! There’s street parking on the opposite side of the road from the trailhead to the bay. Take a look at this website to answer any of your questions regarding permits & guidelines for shooting at this location. Also, here’s a fun blog post listing all of the big movies that have been filmed at this spot in case you’re just as infatuated in that as I was hahah.

Fill out my contact form if you’re convinced that you need some colorful photos like these of you & your lover! Bonus points if it involves Hawaii, but I’ll be just as stoked either way 😉

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